Custom Cabinet maker

Getting Started
Understanding how you want your kitchen, bath or any other room to look and function is a crucial part of the renovation process. To get a head start on this process, please contact us and our designer take the time to listen to you and your ideas, discuss trends, styles, available product lines, and layout options. Our designers can also look at form, color, lighting and scale, and creatively combine function with style.

Our designers will keep you from getting bogged down in details that can throw your planning off track.You’ll be free to dream, while the designer thinks through all the measurements, material coordination, and construction logistics.

When you work with a kitchen designer, you don’t have to give up control of your plans or turn all the remodeling work over to other craftsmen. Think of yourself as the movie producer and of the kitchen designer as the movie director. You can be intimately involved in every detail of your project or completely “hands-off”.  It’s up to you. But no matter what, your kitchen will ultimately be a reflection of your own personal style and not some designer’s so-called “design statement”.

Our team will typically:

  • Visit your home to take measurements.
  • Create design and draft perspectives, elevations, and a floor plan.
  • Develop a detailed budget and schedule.
  • Order products and materials.
  • Coordinate work with construction, painting, and other contractors if necessary .
  • Oversee the installation and placement of the cabinets and other design elements.

Before meeting with us consider:

  • What you and your family like and dislike about your current kitchen. Prepare a rough floor plan of your kitchen if possible .
  • What general styles you like : minimalist , contemporary, traditional, or modern touch.
  • Whether you want your kitchen to reflect the architectural style of your home.
  • What designs have caught your attention-bring photos or magazine tear-outs of your favourites.
  • When you want your new kitchen to be ready.
  • How much you want to spend.
  • What questions you have about the designer’s work and about the remodelling process in general.